Hour Story

Same story. New chapter.

The Hourglass District is a neighborhood redevelopment project focused on enhancing the unique culture of one of Orlando’s most established communities. By reimagining its core with fresh originality, local influence, and fitting visual appeal, the project has shined a spotlight on what’s possible.

Focused on revitalizing existing buildings and spaces with contemporary appeal, the positive transformation of the Hourglass District has gone from “underutilized and unnoticed” to “vibrant and appreciated.”

Today, the Hourglass District is the organic culmination of local merchants and residents, connected by a passion for what they do and the city they love. It’s another layer of the evolving culture of what defines Orlando as a modern metropolis with undeniable creativity, character, and charm.

With its definitive convenience for those who pass through communities on Curry Ford Road daily, The Hourglass District has been redeveloped into a walkable, family-friendly destination for dining, lifestyle activities, and entertainment.

In the Hourglass District, you’ll find local merchants, active opportunities, community-centric events, and green spaces, all cultivated by people in and around the district who want to bring you a more local lifestyle.

What makes us our own district and who defines it?

Like the “Main Street America” program, we are engaging our community by empowering local small businesses, providing opportunities for these merchants to thrive in areas where 25k+ consumers pass through daily. We are an inclusive and accessible district with the goal of bringing our community together to live, play, and grow.

Why Hourglass?

Orlando is home to more than one hundred lakes. Nearby Hourglass Lake may be secluded, but the locals know it well. By including it in our name, we honor the history that’s always been here; a reference and reminder of a landmark that defines this special place. It also helps that an hourglass itself is such an interesting and iconic symbol that’s packed with meaning. It’s a timeless symbol that can mean different things to different people. To make the most of the time given to you… to take nothing for granted and to always enjoy the moment.

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